Green Police Ad Update

Okay, I guess I have to take back the comment about conservatives and their sense of humor since some are taking it as a scary prediction of future tyranny and consider it no laughing matter.

I guess what I like about the satire is that it just shows how absurd it is to make rules about light bulbs, napkin use and throwing away dead batteries. (Audi put out several other ads that preceded the one in the Superbowl, one of which was a “public service announcement” designed to help us unwashed idiots figure out how many napkins to use in various situations. It’s one napkin per sandwich the uniformed spokesman tells us, complete with graphics. It was funny, too, in its way, except for in this case, we’ve already had things like this: eg, Kathleen Sibelius, US Health and Human Services Secretary, lecturing us on the proper way to sneeze. (Uh… isn’t that for Kindergarten teachers?) I cannot drive anywhere in my town without seeing billboards advising me to wash my hands, not touch my face and cover my sneezes… “Your mother was right!” they tell me. “Do as she says!”

Talk about a nanny state. And some of our citizens actually embrace this!

Well, the update here is that apparently when the mayor of San Francisco saw this Green Police ad, he tweeted that it “hits close to home.” Turns out the ad company that devised the ad is based in San Francisco where there really are ordinances like those it portrays. The orange rind, bit, for example. You really will violate the city’s new “composting mandate” if you put your orange peels down the garbage disposal. It’s as bad as Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi…

Article: Why the “Green Police” Is So San Francisco

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