Skydivers and Book Stuff

 Last Thursday I drove up to Eloy to meet my BHP editor at Skydive Arizona. No, we were not going skydiving, it was just a place she’d recently discovered that was about midway between where each of us was: me in Tucson, she in Florence. She and her husband recently bought a house here in AZ and seem to be setting themselves up to becoming snowbirds. She was down for a couple of weeks and so we planned to touch base.

Skydive AZ is apparently one of the most popular places for skydivers in the country, even if it’s not the largest. It has fabulous weather, which I’m sure is the primary draw. Also a restaurant, a wind tunnel where you can practice learning how to control your body while “falling” through the air, and an area for spectators where we watched the planes go out full of divers, saw them disappear into the clear blue sky, and later watched the parachutists appear seemingly out of nothing.

It was a lot of fun to watch them, and amazingly, even seemed like something that might be fun to do. I’m not sure I could actually get myself to jump out of a plane, even tandem, but maybe if I’d paid the $183 fee, I would have added motivation.

We walked around, observed the incoming parachutists, went out to watch the people float and flail about in the wind tunnel and ate lunch on the restaurant’s deck, catching up and talking about The Business. Given I’d just read some pretty grim articles about The Business the night before, I was heartened by a lot of what she had to say.

The drive home was amazing… with the sun coming from the west, the light was perfect to set off the orange and yellow poppies spilling along the shoulders of the freeway and filled the easement in the middle. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful day. And Friday, I went into my office and actually worked for several hours on Sky. Did the same on Saturday…

I’ll not jinx it by hoping for more of that tomorrow, just recall to mind that I’m living one day at a time, and trying to follow moment by moment what the Lord would have me do. Right now… I think that’s go to bed!

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