The day started well. After reading a novel (!) all afternoon yesterday, I awoke refreshed as I haven’t been in some time, and ready to go. I whizzed through my chores and got started on Sky about 10, ended up cutting and moving and cobbling the last ten or so pages. Then I printed them up. About midway through I noticed this piece of gray sponge sticking out through the rollers under the paper as it was fed out of the machine. Also there was smudging on the tops of some of the papers.

After my printing was finished, I pushed the piece of foam back through the rollers and then contemplated how in the world I would ever get it put back where it was supposed to go, given the slots cut into it and the fact that I can’t open my printer top more than at a 45 degree angle. Plus its place is behind a plastic wall that guards the print head…

On to Google… well, one guy says you can use the printer without the “ink absorption foam.” The Canon site says it you don’t have it, ink will drip out every time you turn the printer on and eventually damage it. I’ve had the thing for three years. I really like it. Except when gray sponges are emerging with the paper.

I’ve just been having conversations with people recently about not trying to make things last forever. For one thing, most things these days are designed to wear out within a few years so we’ll all be motivated to buy the new and improved version. And the versions usually are improved in my experience.

The Canon site also directed me to a local firm that will completely disassemble, clean, troubleshoot and repair my printer for $78 per man hour per computer. If it takes two hours I could buy a new one. In fact, even if it doesn’t take two hours, between the labor and the new part… I’d still probably be better off getting a new one.

Which means printer research lies ahead. NO! I don’t want to mess with printers. I want to write. But I can see that’s not to be.

Done with thinking about printers for the afternoon, I watched a cool video about using a new technique in making cards, and then went in and tried to reproduce it. Using different paper, different ink and a different stamp. So then it didn’t turn out as good as the one in the video.  🙁 

Right then my mother called to say the insurance had called her and told her she must “contact Dr. Schwartz regarding her pre-certification.” Neither of us had any idea what that was, so off I went to call doctor’s offices and await their return calls. I’ll not go into the details. It involved gaining approval for the Bone Scan she’s to undergo beginning at 8am tomorrow…

Then I walked Quigley and it was like Grand Central station during rush hour on the path around the park, with strollers and strollers and strollers, and walls of people, and rivers of people, and speeding bicycles and …a loose dog, running through all that, collarless, but apparently with a helpless owner in tow, (on an invisible line) barking ferociously at every leashed dog it encountered. Er… the dog was barking at the other dogs, not the owner.

This was a thing between me and God. Could He protect us from the loose dog? Gee… I don’t know… LOL!  Well, He did, in a very obvious way. So that was the fun part of it all.

Quigley is in here right now begging me for his bed I think. It’s hard to tell. He just stares at me. When he’s not sticking his nose under my arm and disrupting the typing. Or trying to climb into my lap… And signing. And moaning.

Anyway, all the above is why there is no continuation yet on my adventures with the Introvert books. Maybe tomorrow, though that is the day of the bone scan, which will take the entire morning (and that’s if we’re lucky). I’ll still have writing time, and chores and Bible Class so it’s probably unrealistic of me to expect that I’m going to also get a blog post of that sort (the sort that requires extended thinking to winnow it all down) done tomorrow. Maybe I’ll just put up a good quote. There are a lot of ’em. I’ve taken the plunge, committed sacrilege and have begun writing in my books!  Underlining, making notes.  Oh! The Horror!

LOL. It’s not like they’re library books. I wonder where that rule about never defacing a book came from…

But anyway, now I can find the “good” parts more easily.

So, now I’m off to check the water on the grass and get ready for bed. The Sun rises SOOOO early around here these days.  And I’m very light-sensitive. So I tend to wake up when it gets light regardless of when I go to bed. Thus, the earlier I do the latter, the better.

2 thoughts on “Complications

  1. Gayle Coble

    Prayer continue for your Mom. Karen, I have always marked certain books of mine. The Colonel’s and my two Bibles have notes and lines in them!


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