Sharia or the Constitution?

Under Muslim Sharia law, one cannot proselytize to a Muslim, nor is a Muslim allowed to leave the faith. Recently the Associated Press reported that  4 Christian evangelists were arrested in heavily Arab Dearborn, Michigan, for passing out copies of the Gospel of John (translated into Arabic) at  an entrance/exit to an Arab Cultural festival. (In the video below it appears to be more like a county fair or carnival, a ferris wheel looming in the background). 

The head evangelist George Saieg, only the day before had received a favorable ruling in his behalf, overturning a lower courts findings and allowing him to distribute the books on the festival’s perimeter.

But since the festival typically draws several hundred thousand attendees, police made the arrests to preserve the peace.

I suppose they would get in trouble if they couldn’t keep people from rioting, nevertheless, if people are not able to peacefully distribute Gospel literature (or even Watchtowers, for that matter) in public places for fear of some religious group rioting… that is not good. That means, essentially,  that it’s Sharia law that is in force and not the United States Constitution, which most certainly does allow proselytizing and other freedoms of speech. 

Here’s the video they made of it, just to let other people know what sorts of things are starting to happen right here on American soil (much like the recent  incident with the students who were sent home for wearing American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo because many of the hispanic students at the school were offended and school officials feared a riot might start…) 

3 thoughts on “Sharia or the Constitution?

  1. Donna Hagan

    It is my understanding that the Muslim religion is the most evangelized in our American jails. The criminal mind is drawn to it (I suppose) because it justifies violence if necessary. Have been listening to Col. Thieme’s Acts series (specifically Acts 4) about government. Seems like our president could be another Marcus Arelius (spelling? please forgive – hah) since this famous liberal tolerated all religions except Christianity. You are right about the Watchtower (lol) that shows up at our door frequently and then when you mention you are a born again believer it fades for awhile. In my opinion our administration is like the Sanhedrin. Steven died a martyr for standing up to the government.

  2. KC Frantzen

    Anyone who doubts the “plan” should look at the Ground Zero Mosque situation.

    Glad, as Corrie ten Boom said, that we’ve read the end of the Book, eh?

  3. Loren Warnemuende

    I just heard about this festival last week–then totally forgot about it…. We live a few towns over from Dearborn and have seen the cultural shifts in our own town. It’s not uncommon to see a woman in complete covering at my local CVS which sits next to a Muslim grocery (and that’s just around the corner from a mosque, and Indian grocery, a Buddhist temple, etc.). Dearborn, from what I’ve heard, is the unofficial capital of Islam in the U.S. We’ve been there many times–my husband drives through it every day to and from work.

    As an interesting contrast to this situation, the source through which I heard of the festival shared this link about Josh McDowell…who had a booth IN the festival:

    Is he too soft? I don’t know. I’ve known of Josh McDowell for years and have always had a high opinion of his faith. He doesn’t quibble the truth. His apologetics books were one of my primary sources as a teenager for strengthening my foundation in Christ.

    And yet it IS scary–shocking, rather, that this can be happening here….


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