On to Cataract Surgery

Well, the bone scan last week did not indeed go as expected. At the end of the process, when all the technicians were at their stations and not visible to my mother, and they were asking her to wait and wait while they waited for the doctor to get out of a meeting… my mother decided to get up off the table they had her on and visit the ladies’ room.

She didn’t realize they had raised the table since she’d gotten onto it and so when attempting to get off, she fell and hit her head on the floor, raising a huge knot on her forehead. She didn’t lose consciousness or even see stars but the crew insisted upon putting her in a wheelchair and taking her down to Emergency. There they took an x-ray of her leg which she said had a place on it that hurt but that she could walk on with no problem. After a long time, the doctor arrived to talk to her and examine her and determine that she was okay and discharge her.

So that added a couple extra hours onto the whole proceeding which had already been delayed an hour at the start.

But this last Monday we learned the results of the scan and overall she’s doing well. They’re going to keep her on bone strengthening medicine and an infusion of what I call “chemo lite” once a month for I don’t know how long. Until they say otherwise, I guess. They also said we could go ahead and see about scheduling cataract surgery.

Which is what we did today. Almost a year from when we started the proceedings in 2009. Turns out she didn’t get the calcium deposits back on her eyes, as we’d both feared, and they don’t need to take any more measurements cause they have the one they took last summer. So we’re set for next Wednesday morning.

The ophthalmologist said, after examining her eyes, that she is at the moment legally blind. So we’re all in a hurry to get this going. For those of you inclined to pray, please ask that the surgery and the recovery both go well. She’s heard some scary weird stories about hardened cataracts, infections, allergic reactions, and lots of recovery problems seeing… After all that’s happened it would be very nice if this could just go as smoothly as they say it usually does.

And since I haven’t had to be driving down to the cancer center every day, I’ve actually begun to see some progress on Sky. I’m working through the Prologue and have done more the last week and a half than for a very long time. Hooray!

4 thoughts on “On to Cataract Surgery

  1. Donna Hagan


    FYI – we have been using it for our 16 year old son who has had a few hairline fractures in the past few years and a piece of bone that was broken off at the elbow has a screw in it now. The thought is not that he didn’t eat enough calcium rich foods/milk nor get enough from his excellent multi supplement – it’s that he may not be absorbing calcium properly. When I asked about taking vitamin D3 in conjunction with calcium they said that you can’t just guesswork the amounts so this is a perfect blend that enables the body to absorb calcium.

    My uncle studied nutrition back in the 70’s when Adele Davis (Let’s Get Well) was popular. This is just a suggestion and as always check with the physician about drug interactions and any sensitivity to the ingredients. In this particular supplement we have to make sure there isn’t a lot of phosphorous in our son’s multiple vitamin.

    If you Google this (who would have ever thought that would actually be a word – hah) there is also another supplement by Jarrow that enhances this and has collagen in it. It’s up to you and your mom. The “they” would be nutritionalists I’ve spoken with at the store and my uncle. I have taken a few supplements that have helped tremendously with some of the uncomfortable side effects of my thyroid condition. However, I still take the medicine and the doctor says if it works that’s fine.

  2. Donna Hagan

    P.S. Although we haven’t done this – you may or may not want to look into this also.

    “For best results use with Jarrow Formulas® BioSil™ the Biologically Active Silicon.”

  3. KC Frantzen

    Karen, we are still praying for your Mom and will add this to the list.

    Keep us posted, ok??

    the Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a strong-hold in times of trouble. Psalm 9:9

  4. Tamara

    I pray that you mom’s surgery and recovery go well! And for endurance and peace as you both wait.

    I have a question for you that I was wondering if you might be willing to address sometime (as if you have nothing else to do!)

    When I picked up Arena it was after years of refusing to read a new Christian book because they all seemed so…bad. Poorly written, cliched, shallow characters, shallow faith, etc, etc. But, friends told me I HAD to read Arena, and I when I finally did, I was amazed at the way you not only told an incredible story, but taught truth! I was challenged spiritually and fascinated intellectually by Arena, which is something I haven’t experienced from a Christian book in a long time (I’ve explained this further on my Amazon reviews of your books). But now for my question.

    It’s bothered me for a long time why Christians can’t seem to create quality books and movies. WHY, if we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and a personal relationship with the creator of the world, are we so UNcreative? We serve THE creator and have His very life in us, enabling us for every good work. It seems to me like Christians should be the forerunners in creative artistry of all forms…but we’re not (at least not in modern times.) Why, oh why, can a Christian never seem to write a book that influences the world the way Twilight is? (I won’t get into a discussion of whether Twilight is worthy of all the hype.) But I look at Stephenie Meyer’s success and think, “Why, Lord, are you not enabling your church to do that? Wouldn’t that glorify you?”

    Do you have any thoughts on this? Why doesn’t He seem to enable His church to impact the world through creative arts? Is this because God isn’t doing something (i.e., is He just not interested in his church making waves in Hollywood?) or is this because we as His church aren’t doing something (i.e., is there some key to creating quality art, fiction, etc. that we’re missing)? I ask you because you’re one of the few authors who I think actually HAS created something spectacular both spiritually and creatively.

    I’d really love any thoughts you have on this, but even if you don’t have time to address it, THANK YOU for the time and hard work you’ve poured into knowing Christ and creating something that leads us to deeper relationship with him.

    Tamara Hamill
    (BereanHunger on Amazon.com, http://www.watermarked1.wordpress.com on my blog)


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