Clive Staples Award Nomination

Last year a group of readers, writers and fans of Christian Speculative Fiction came together to institute an award for the best book in that genre selected by readers of Christian Speculative Fiction. 2009 saw  the inauguration of the award, with the first presentation going to Donita K. Paul for her novel Dragonlight.

This year there are nineteen nominees chosen by readers, and The Enclave is one of them. Because they do not want the award to be a popularity contest, reflective only of which author network is the largest, but rather the outcome of readers who read in the speculative genre making informed choices, the award administrators are requiring this year that voters  read at least TWO of the nominated works. To aid prospective voters in meeting this requirement, they’ve designated July “Read Christian Speculative Fiction Month.” A simple list of the nominees is here.  If you’d like more information, introductions including cover pics, plot summaries and what other readers have said, are here (arranged in reverse alphabetical order by title).  Anyone can participate in voting, but, as mentioned they must have read at least two of the nominated works.

Voting will begin in August and will be conducted as a “survey”—really, your ballot—so votes will be private as far as the public is concerned. You’ll need to check back at the site or here at Writing from the Edge to see when the voting begins so you can sign up. (Or you can sign up now at either place to receive posts by email)

They are hoping to make this award one of significance similar to the Hugo awards given out by the secular science fiction/fantasy community and decided by vote of the members (attending and supporting) of the annual WorldCon (major SF/F convention).

4 thoughts on “Clive Staples Award Nomination

  1. Gayle Coble

    Karen, I am going to check out the reading list for other titles, since I have not read any of them. Congratulations!!! I may just read The Enclave again too.

  2. Alison Pickrell

    Karen, My novel The Last Cordate is one of the nominations. Thank you for putting this article on your web page. I am so thankful that the Clive Staples award includes POD publishers like mine. So many awards exclude us. Do you know how many people voted last year? I plan to read as many entries as I can this year. Thanks again for the publicity. Alison Pickrell

    1. karenhancock

      You’re welcome, Alison and congratulations on your nomination. I have no idea how many voted. You might ask Becky Miller who seems to be heading it up over on the Clive Staples Award site…


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