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I apologize for being so inconsistent over the last few weeks — Months? Well, maybe, but it’s been worse the last few weeks.  Ever since June ended. I guess there’s been a lot going on, with fourth of July, and then the cataract surgery and this weekend my son and his wife were here. They stayed with her grandparents, but that sure didn’t short us on seeing them. The weekend was full.

And of course, I’ve been trying to write more. That’s been inconsistent, as well. And, as I alluded to in a previous post, since about the first week in July, the heat has been more debilitating than it’s ever been for me. The other night I did some research on whether just being hot can make you tired. Turns out it can, (even if you’re not an introvert! LOL) especially if you combine the heat with high humidity. We’re there.

Since about the ninth of July, the humidity has gone up and the dew point’s in the 60s.  But we aren’t getting any rain. Areas around us are getting rain, but we’re not. So there’s nothing to reduce the heat. I can hardly do anything without getting suddenly and intensely hot. Maybe it’s a hot flash, which can be triggered by being hot, but whatever it is, even standing over a pile of card making papers in the bedroom (out of the flow of the swamp cooler’s air) sorting through them, I have hardly begun before I am dripping sweat and so hot I feel like I ‘m going to fall over. So off to a “cooler” spot I go — chair in the dining room, couch in the living room, a spot in the office — to sit in the breeze and drink ice water until I cool off.

I suppose I sort of knew this already, but it’s true that being hot can drain you because the body uses up a lot of energy trying to cool itself down. Since its main method is evaporation of sweat on the skin, in humid environments, the sweat, while evaporating immediately re-condenses, adding back the heat that was just used up. Blood vessels dilate, water moving processes increase, and metabolism slows down  to reduce the internal heat (one of the reasons, according to what I read, why you don’t want to eat as much). And if you add in any physical activity, like vacuuming, well then you are jacking up that internal heat with your efforts.

So today I thought, why fight it? I’ll use the time to do some reading, which is what I’ve already been doing, (when not running errands or administering eyedrops — that ended last week, thank goodness) but guiltily, since I thought I should be doing other things.

The reading is another reason for my silence because the very interesting books I’ve devoured prompted so many thoughts I couldn’t seem to order them enough to write them down. And we’ve had to walk Quigley later, so that cuts into time I used to do blogging.

Anyway, I hope to be more consistent here without any major events currently before me. I particularly want to go back to the introvert stuff and also talk about the more recent books , two of which I got from the Library and then decided to buy.

But now, sitting here at my desk, I’m suddenly all sweating and HOT again, so I shall stop this and return to my spot on the couch to read the very long article I just printed off from American Spectator on Rush Limbaugh’s recommendation. It’s  something that elaborates on a subject I’ve blogged about before — the class conflict that exists in our country between the ruling elites and the “rubes” in flyover country. It’s called America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution. It’s a long article and I’ve printed it up to read.

Rush had a lot to say about it today (Monday) so if you’re interested in a summary version, you can find that here. For awhile, anyway.

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