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PhD Online Programs

Well, I had a nice surprise yesterday when I received an email informing me that this blog  had been included among the  2010 Top 40 Christian Science Blogs award presented by Best Bloggers and  PhD Online Programs.

According to the Award website, to qualify for this award, one’s blog “must excel in academics, knowledge, and overall brilliance. As such, the essence of these awards are to highlight the very best blogs on the internet that exude such characteristics.”  The award was begun in 2005 by Best Bloggers, “a small group of bloggers who felt that there was not enough being done to recognize those who blog as a passion, not as a job. With all of the bad content on the internet, and with every blog seemingly trying to sell or promote something, those who blogged about their thoughts, feelings, goals, passions, and everything else on their mind were getting pushed to the wayside.

“And so the Best Bloggers was started as a way to recognize the awesome people that just blog about their everyday lives. They do it not looking for any sort of compensation or recognition, but the Best Bloggers feel that everyone deserves something for their efforts.”

Awards candidates are selected via reader nominations. Then the nominees are evaluated and scored by a panel of five judges. Recognition is awarded to the top 1% of blogs.

So, to those of you who nominated the blog, and to the judges, as well, THANK YOU!

And congratulations to the other bloggers on the list, a number of whom I know and read. For the complete list (and links) of this year’s top 40 Christian Science Blogs, click  HERE.

7 thoughts on “2010 Top Blog

  1. Gayle Coble

    Congratulations, Karen. I love when those who love God and know God receive escrow blessings for time. Your blogs are filled with the “Mind of Christ” and as such many who may never tune into an accurate Pastor-Teacher are exposed to Truth! Way to go!!!!

  2. chris

    Congratulations, Karhen – i LOVE The Enclave, almost as much as i LOVE ARENA – by the way why isn’t ARENA on your blogsite? Why doesn’t it get listd under your previous books inside the front cover? ARENA was the first book of yours that I read and remains my all time favorite.

    1. karenhancock

      Thanks, Chris. Glad to know you enjoyed The Enclave. Arena isn’t listed under my previous books because it’s out of print. 🙁 But thanks for asking.


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