PostADay 2011

WordPress has come up with a challenge to bloggers like me who have been struggling to keep up with their posts. We can sign up to PostADay or PostAWeek, as well as receive posts from their new blog, The Daily Post. This will offer tips, topics, inspiration and encouragement for us to post daily.

I’m curious about the tips, topics, inspiration and encouragement so I decided to sign up. I’m not going to post every day, however, only 5 times a week, Monday through Friday. That’s my goal. I’m also going to try experimenting with some of the features they have here, like writing a bunch of posts to be published later, which you can schedule, and playing with the slideshow feature for posting photos. I am also going to delete the email I get from The Daily Post every day, whether I write a post or not. I can already see the danger of saving up a bunch of post ideas for later…

Oh, yeah, and I will be continuing with my Work in Progress “bar”, which isn’t yet a bar but maybe eventually I’ll figure out how to make it one. Regarding that, after a month’s hiatus, I went into my office today and cleared off my desk and wrote in my writing log. Didn’t manage to make it to actually reading the part of Chapter 1 I’ve written before I was interrupted (my hubby’s off work this week; and my sister left today so I’ve been over to my mother’s several times already) but it’s a start. Baby steps. Small and gentle goals… It seems I’m being hit by those concepts from every direction. Do you suppose God is trying to tell me something?

So, with that said, I’m off to sign up for the postaday blog

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