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“You have impact when people you impact impact others and you don’t even know — that’s fruit.”   ~  ???

Pastor Bob quoted someone as having said this at the conference — it might have been Pastor Rory. Or Deacon Elliott. Or someone else. Does anyone reading this who was at the conference know who it was? I –obviously — appreciated the words, but in my frantic scribbling lost the attribution.

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  1. Alexandra

    Hi Karen, I’m a huge fan of yours and I’ve been reading and following all of the books you release. I wanted to purchase “The Light of Eidon” and “Shadow Within”(my brother got me the last two of the series and Enclave for Christmas) but I was dismayed to find the prices everywhere have gone way over what I’m able to afford. If you happen to have copies of them that you can sell to me for less I would extremely appreciate your generosity. Sorry for posting on here but your email section on your website doesn’t seem to show up for me.


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