3 thoughts on “This is Living?

  1. Britany

    I love it. My parents are on FB, but don’t really trust it and their only “friends” are family members. It still upsets my mom when I post status updates. I do wonder sometimes where our generation is going to land with all the social media. As much as I enjoy my “screen time”, nothing beats walking the dog in the dense fog this morning and coming home dripping wet!!! And if I happen to run into a neighbor and have even a quick conversation, then that is worth more than reading hundreds of status updates.

  2. Rebecca LuElla Miller

    OK, I’ve seen it, but I admit, I don’t get it. How does it connect to Toyota, and what’s the point — parents are doing and going while the kid is sitting in front of a screen?

    I don’t get it and since I don’t fall in the stereotype it’s playing to, don’t see the humor. Sorry. I watched it several times, thinking I must have missed something.

    Maybe the humor is over my head. You might need to explain it to me, Karen. 😉


    1. karenhancock

      Yup. Parents are going and doing, out into the real world with real bikes and friends riding bikes with them in their actual presence, and real trees and real dirt, while the girl, at her table inside, considered 367 friends who show up as small icons on a computer screen and leave 25 word messages about their mundane doings to actually be real friends, and true “living”. Culminated, of course, by her disputing, apparently to herself, the reality of a digital puppy based on relative size on the screen, the image itself being FAR too small to be a real puppy to start with. The puppy line especially cracks me up!

      Toyota, of course, is the vehicle that delivers the parents to their riding destination, though I suppose you could also say the real-life experience of driving it is also part of “living”. In the objective as well as the subjective realm.


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