Quote of the Day: Vinita Hampton Wright

“For some people, the beginning is a time of complete chaos. You see bits and pieces of what is before you. You have a sense of what it is you must set out to do. But nothing will form yet. When you sit down to write or paint or form movement, it’s like stepping over a cliff or into a dense fog. All you can do is trust that this impending masterpiece is going to somehow manifest itself as you work. But you do know that there is something specific ahead, and you feel the excitement of that.” ~ Vinita Hampton Wright , The Soul Tells a Story

1 thought on “Quote of the Day: Vinita Hampton Wright

  1. Gayle

    What is ahead? For me it is the wonder of the moment that I come face to face with my Lord Jesus Christ. There lies the masterpiece. Him!! The One who supplies all my needs. n The One who comforts me. The One who has won the victory and given me eternal security.


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