NFL PlayOff John 3:16

I thought this was very cool. I read last week that the playoff game between the Patriots and the Broncos was expected to be watched by a record number of people. So when my football fan friends told me about the commercial that Focus on the Family aired during the game I had to go searching. And found it. It’s cool enough and good enough and clear enough… I’m sharing it.

In the middle of the televising of the NFL Playoff games they have a “ad” like this. And it costs the viewer nothing. I believe this is directly the result of Tim Tebow having a platform and using it to draw attention to his Lord.  It’s amazing what God is doing in these last days…

1 thought on “NFL PlayOff John 3:16

  1. Kitty (Kathleen) Varnell

    I was watching the game when they went to the commercial break. So I got up (to go to the kitchen for something) & was stopped “in my tracks” by this John 3:16 commercial – I’m pretty sure my mouth about hit the floor in shock & delight! Amazing!!!


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