She’s Walkin’

Well, I didn’t get my photos downloaded and ready as soon as I expected. Yesterday I spent putting stuff away, washing clothes, talking to friends and lying around, zonked. I did get the pics transferred from camera to computer but that was about as far as it got.

So I’m a day later than I’d planned, but better late than never. Here are some highlights from our summer trip to San Diego to visit little Miss Lily.

And her parents of course!

First day: Lily’s Ice-chest assisted walking

Our Next House! On Coronado Island, right near the dog beach!
Hahahaha!! We wish.

Who’s at the door?

It’s DADDY!!!


Fun at the Beach. (Note Quigley is expressing his opinion, too. He loved the beach.)

Last day — Sheee’s Walkin’! Look out now, parents.

3 thoughts on “She’s Walkin’

  1. Loren Warnemuende

    Awww, Karen, you have definitely fallen into Grandma-hood. But you are completely entitled and Lily is adorable 🙂 . Just wait, though, till she first calls you by her own particular name for you. You’ll be hooked forever!

    1. karenhancock

      ooh, I never thought of having a particular name. That would really be something! Thanks, Loren.

      1. Loren Warnemuende

        My dad will never forget the thrill of our daughter running across the church narthex to him crying, “Poppa! Poppa!” We’d been saying Grandpa, and it was so cool to see her come up with her own take. My nephew calls my mom “Bomma” and my Dad “Boppa.” Some of the baby words just stick 🙂 .


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