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stu sleeping

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been MIA for the last week or so. I gave up on trying to control myself and gave it over to the Lord to handle. He seems to be giving me a vacation of sorts…

So today, I thought I’d put up a list of some items of interest I’ve come across recently…er, well, mostly today, actually.

First up, appropriately enough is Writers Should Take a Year Off and Give Us All a Break – an essay in The Guardian on the observation that, to borrow from Ecclesiastes, “the writing of many books is endless…”  At the time of Solomon, however, it was nothing compared to today, when the rate of publication has exploded as never before. How ironic that this is occurring at the same time that more and more people lack the attention span or time, to read anything longer than a tweet.

Still, I like the idea of taking a year off from writing… oh, wait… I’ve already sort of been doing that …

Next, I draw your attention to a Muslim Brotherhood Fact Sheet from Stand With Us, an international, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting Israel.  It includes quotes from the Brotherhood’s own charters, writings and guides. Members are not interested in dialog. Nor are they interested in peace (unless you count the peace that results from the entire world being converted to Islam). They are most definitely not interested in democracy, unless — again — it’s the Islamist kind… that is, Sharia Law.

Third is an essay on the misguided Western policy of appeasement during World War 1 that resulted in World War 2 and may well be on its way to setting up World War 3. This one’s written by my favorite blogger and former high level Foreign Service Officer The Diplomad 2.0: Obama and an Edouard Daladier Moment

And finally, the new  “funnel tunnel” in Houston, an unintended metaphor for where our tax dollars/charity donations are going…

4 thoughts on “Take a Day Off and Other Articles

  1. jelowder

    I’m not sure what to say…not in opposition, but in reply to the articles (Muslim Brotherhood & Obama & Daladier.) I’m not in shock by the info, but saddened.I feel like we (Americans) are shaking our luxury liner tickets with joy but have neglected to note the name of our vessel…Titanic. So I continue to pray and serve our God who is in control, and try to do my part as a Christian serving others on this ill-fated voyage.

    1. karenhancock

      Excellent analogy, JE. Personally, I see it all as increasing evidence that we truly are in the last days, that “soon and very soon,” He’ll be coming for us. So on the one hand, sad; but on the other… wow.

  2. dan ratzlaff

    This has got to be a picture of Stu doing his famous simply stop and instantly take a 30 minute nap trick.

    1. karenhancock

      Yes, indeed, that’s him! Though to be fair, he’d just spent about an hour in a very cold wind glassing the meadow that’s off to the right of this picture. He was waiting for the rest of us (me, my sister, Adam and Kim) to finish our sketching, and lying on the ground is a good way to minimize the effects of the wind.


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