Under Construction

Hi and welcome to what will soon (I hope) be my combined website and blog.

Even though I’ve maintained a WordPress blog for many years on the WordPress server (www.karenhancock.wordpress.com), I have long wanted not only to revamp my existing website (currently at www.kmhancock.com), but to combine it with my blog and have both of them under my own domain name.

Well, thanks to a computer crash and other assorted leadings from the Lord, that project is finally under way. As always, what was advertised as “easy,” (with the accompanying inference of “fast,” whether intended or simply my own misinterpretation) is anything but either.

So if you’ve stumbled upon this incipient site via my domain name and want a little more, please visit my website or blog . On the latter I’ll be giving progress reports as KarenHancock.com develops.

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