Long Time, No Write

Well, it’s been awhile since I posted. A long while.  Like, a years-long while… I’ve been busy doing everything, it seems, except writing.  In fact, I just now canceled my Feed-Blitz account which sent out my posts to whoever signed up to receive them, because they kept sending me notices and bills for a service I hadn’t been using for years. And then they sent me a bill for a mailing list that had no names/addresses on it… telling me to pay up now or else.

It was probably stupidly impulsive — I should have at least waited until I’d written this post, but on the other hand, many of addresses in my file were likely no any good any more, anyway.  I think the service was geared more to people who are trying to sell things, than to someone with a simple blog.  Plus my own blog reading habits don’t require me to get a post in my inbox. I just check my favorite sites each day and read them as a matter of routine. It’s easier that way.

Of course if you’re trying to sell something, you’ll want to make sure people get reminded to read your posts as often as they come out, but that’s no longer what I’m doing.  As to what I am doing… well… I’m not sure…  I may be retired and just not know it yet. We’ll see.

20 thoughts on “Long Time, No Write

  1. Ruth Duncan

    I’m glad to hear from you. I’d begun to wonder if you’d retired to your eternal home. I keep wondering about your WIP – I think you called it Sky. If I remember correctly, you hinted it somehow linked Arena with the Light of Eden books.

    I can understand not writing for a LONG time — I am alternating between writing often and going months without writing anything. Anyway, thanks for writing today.

    Just a piece of trivia. Arena is one of two books in my life that I cried at the end – BECAUSE the book had ended and I so wanted more. A sequel on this earth would have even worked – how they lived their lives differently in “normal” life on this planet. But… that is just one fan’s idea.

  2. Ricardo

    I’m also glad to see an update from you. I actually checked your blog a few months ago to check for activity. I’ve probably been checking a few times a year for however long it’s been!

  3. Phyllis Carr

    You’re still one of my favorite authors. Arena is still a book I try to read every year or so. Good luck with whatever you decide to do and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Phyllis Carr

  4. Michelle

    It’s good to hear your voice! Have read and re-read all of your books. I keep looking on your blog to see if there are any forthcoming books. Keep up the good work.

  5. Wendy Neudorf

    Karen, I’ve missed you! It was so good to see you back in the cyber-world today. Know that I prayed for you just now – that the Lord would reveal Himself to you in ways that you never thought possible, and that His creativity would flow through you in whatever form that may take. Blessings!

  6. Gregory Jurtz

    So glad to hear from you. I still re-read your books when I need to remind myself that God is ever present and active and is working all thing to His glory and my good (to make me like Jesus). Even if you never write another work, the Guardian King series will continue to have an influence. Thank you!

  7. Rebecca LuElla Miller

    Your post still managed to find its way to my inbox, and I’m so glad! I have wondered about you often, Karen. I’ve always thought the beauty of being a writer is that I never have to retire. I hope you don’t leave fiction. Or blogging, for that matter. But I am confident God will show you what direction He wants you to take.


    1. Karen Hancock Post author

      Thanks, Becky! We may not have to retire, but sometimes we do need to take a break! Glad to see you’re still out there in the blogging world! Okay, off to walk the dog.

  8. HeatherBee

    YAY!!! it’s so good to see you again :-D!!! I was actually thinking about you a couple of days ago as I finished up Arena for the umpteenth time :-). As you ponder retirement, I would love to take the opportunity to thank you for your books! I love the levels you can take me. You and your work is thought of fondly. Keep following your heart and listening to the Spirit and you’ll be where you are meant to be (He’s not done with us yet). Over here, I’ll probably start re-reading Legends of the Guardian King :).
    In the spirit of Thanksgiving, thank you for your books! And thank you for showing forms of God’s love and the true battles we face in the various scenes you depict. Finally, thank you for reaching out today <3 :)!!
    God bless and lots of love sent your way!
    Heather B

    1. Karen Hancock Post author

      Thanks, Heather! I appreciate the encouragement. As for my pondering of retirement, I’m thinking maybe not quite yet. I still have The Other Side of the Sky — half completed — and am toying with the notion of getting back to it… but more on that in an upcoming post…Or more likely, “posts”. 😉

  9. Karen Kaufman

    So glad to hear you are alive and well!
    I have wanted to thank you for quite sometime for introducing me to Pastor John Farlely of Lighthouse Point Bible Church. I studied under Col. Thieme for 30 years. He was the person who brought me to Christ. I still believe he was the best at gospel presentation. I was born Jewish. However over the years I believed he was not my right pastor teacher. I read you had gone through a similar experience. I thought it brave of you to state it! You spoke of Pastor McGlaughlin of Boston. However later you spoke of John Farley, that was Bingo for me. How appropriate to have it be Thanksgiving when I can thank you for that information. God is Faithful for sure!

    1. Karen Hancock Post author

      You’re more than welcome, Karen! I’m glad you found Pastor John. I continue to enjoy his teaching and his courage in following what God is speaking to him, even when others might not agree.

  10. Christine

    My heart leaped when I saw this was a recent post!! Haha! I appreciated your blog posts and often related to much of what you shared. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Thank you for your time and hard work in all you’ve shared. It’s meant so much to me.

  11. Jerry Sherman

    Hi Karen,
    I just read your book, The Enclave, and enjoyed it very much. I was hesitant, seeing it was a “Christian” book, and I purposely avoid evangelical stuff, but the story was so good, I read it all the way to the end. I really liked that you gave the reader room to make his or her own decisions about what your characters were going through, even at times (it seems to me) letting the whole Jesus mythology look as ridiculous as the “Father” mythology in the New Eden compound. I did not feel I was being lectured to at all and if you are trying to evangelize, I believe your approach is far more effective than what I have previously been exposed to. Thank you for your work. By the way, just in case you didn’t know this, in the paperback edition from Bethany House, 2009, there is a typo on page 361, in chapter 37. The sentence begins with, “Seeing see she would…” If this book goes into another printing, the publisher might want to know about this. Thank you for all you do – I wish you success and peace.

    1. Karen Hancock Post author

      Thanks Jerry! I’m delighted to know that you’ve enjoyed The Enclave and appreciate your comments. I’ll pass on the typo error to BHP, though I’m not sure it’ll go into another printing, who knows? Still, if nothing else there’s the electronic version that could be corrected…

  12. Alicia

    Karen, I too reread All of your books every few years, and find something new and deeper each time. I so appreciate, for example, that the Eidon series is four books: and only the first is about the main character’s salvation; the other three follow his walk, and the impact of his life on those around him.

    I am always searching for other stories like these (if I could write more myself I would, but not my gift). I regularly reread Kathy Tyers’ incredible books too, and have noted that you both add promotional comments to each others’ works. Of course Francine Rivers’ Mark of the Lion series is also phenomenal. Sadly, this seems a small community; but God knows the need for voices like yours in this world and will provide according to His perfect will. These voices help us guard our hearts and inspire us to fix our eyes on Jesus.

    Until the next step is revealed, this reader’s prayers and best wishes go out to you and your family! A heartfelt thanks.

    1. Karen Hancock Post author

      Thanks, Alicia! I appreciate your very kind comments and observations. You caught on to exactly what I was trying to do. I haven’t read Francine Rivers’ series, but I have long heard good things about it. Maybe it’s time to look it up and get started! 🙂

  13. Christine Levitt

    Karen! I can’t believe I found these posts. Although I was a subscriber in the past I only found these by doing a search.

    Anyway, I also want to say a huge THANK YOU for all your works – the first one I ever read was Arena, then the rest, and then Enclave. Arena and Enclave are my absolute favorites, which I reread now and then just to enjoy them all over. You have a true gift for developing fascinatingly complex male protagonists who have suffered so much yet go on to inspire and lead others by their humility and wisdom.

    Thank you again, blessings in Him



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