The Sabbatical Year Perhaps Comes to an End?

Hello again, my dear WordPress blog readers and subscribers! Hope you all had a grand time over the holidays and that you missed out on the flu season of  2018/19. We did not, alas, but we did discover an unexpected remedy for a cough: chocolate. My husband heard Rush Limbaugh talking about it and gave it a try, and is convinced it works. He kept telling me to try it out and so one day when the coughing just would not stop, I  made myself a cup of Starbucks Hot Cocoa Mix and one sip was all it took. I’m not exaggerating. The cough stopped after one sip and stayed gone almost all day.  Whereas prior to that I coughed all day. So I’m a believer, now!  (And also a chocolate lover; does that make my conclusion biased?)

The flu and the holidays also contributed to my failure to post as much as I’d hoped (even if it was only once or twice a week), but perhaps now that all that’s behind us, I can be a little more regular.  I’m pretty sure some of it’s related to burnout, though life getting in the way also contributed.  Then again, I can’t say I’ve done nothing, seeing as I have 17 chapters of first draft material for my work kinda/sorta-in-progress (ie, The Other Side of the Sky), though that was all carried out in previous years, before the point a year ago when I just couldn’t make myself go on…  So, we’ll see how it goes.

P.S  I just found a post I did on Burnout in August of 2010 a tad over eight  years ago. I was flabbergasted to discover it.  How can that be possible? Time really has gotten away from me. The link, which was supplied to me by WordPress just now is right here:





11 thoughts on “The Sabbatical Year Perhaps Comes to an End?

  1. Sheila Cone

    I love your work. Legends of the Guardian-King series is by far, the best in Christian Fantasy. It has helped me in my own writing! I look forward to reading The Other Side of the Sky.

  2. Carol McKnight

    Your Guardian King series has been such an encouragement over the years. I read it at least once a year! Looking forward to whatever you write next and praying the Lord’s light to shine through your next series! Loved the Arena and Enclave too!

  3. Amber

    I’m rereading Legends of the Guardian King for the umpteenth time. The Arena and Legends of the Guardian King are some of my favorite books ever and I get a “craving” to read them all at least once a year. I am excited to hear you are writing another book, I check your blog Everytime I read one of your works and was so excited to see you’re posting again!
    Your books help me in my faith walk Everytime I read them thank you so much!

    1. Karen Hancock Post author

      Thank you, Amber for letting me know. It’s always a great encouragement to hear from satisfied readers!

  4. Shanna Ramon

    Your books are inspired by the Lord. They do shine His light and spread excitement for the spiritual conflict alive in our world today. I’ve been waiting so long for another book by you! I hope and pray your spirit is renewed and that you find pleasures forevermore in His presence and fullness of joy at His right hand (hopefully while writing your next book!! Hahaha!)!

    1. Karen Hancock Post author

      Thanks, Shanna. I very much appreciate your kind words, and yes, there is a work already in progress, simmering in my file cabinet. I do intend to get back to it, hopefully in the near future, once other obligations in my life are taken care of.


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