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The Green Police

This Audi ad about the Green Police is hysterical. A man arrested for choosing plastic bags over paper? Garbage cans inspected for tossed away batteries?

“Put the rind down! Sir! That’s a compost infraction…” and on it goes…

If, like me, you didn’t watch the Superbowl, maybe you haven’t seen it. Even if you have, it’s fun to watch again. So I’m embedding it here. (those of you who receive the blog through Feedblitz will probably have to go to the blog itself to see it)

I read one really silly article by someone who thought that this ad was aimed only at people who believed in “the moral authority” of  something like The Green Police. People like the writer of the article, for example. “If you’re looking to appeal to mooks who think the green police are full of it and have no authority, moral or otherwise,” he asked, “why would you make a commercial like that?”

Because it’s hysterically funny. Because it’s ridiculous. Because it makes a mockery of this alleged “moral” authority. Morality associated with light bulbs? Plastic bags? Dead batteries? Puh-leeze!

Rush had it right. Audi made the ad to get attention and sell cars. Yes, the guy is allowed to go his way because he’s “obeyed” the Green Police, but really, it’s so obviously a satire that in a sense I see him as “above the rat race” and all it’s silliness. Which I think may be just what Audi appeals to. I think the satire is hilarious. In any case, it’s going to draw the attention of both crowds, which is what makes it so brilliant.  And maybe Rush is right in another way, too — in his contention that Conservatives seem to have a sense of humor whereas rabid liberals do not.