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Quote – Losing our Freedom

I’ve had this quote in my file for some time. I’m not sure who said it. Possibly Col Thieme. (If any of my readers recognize this piece and know the person who originated it, please let me know).  Anyway, given the vote by our Congress on Sunday, it seems apropos…


Insecure husbands result in insecure wives.

Insecure parents result in insecure children.

Insecure children produce an insecure generation.

Insecure generations demand security.

In demanding security from government, an insecure generation becomes an entitlement generation.

Entitlements are offered to the insecure generation by insecure politicians.

The vehicle for entitlements become some form of socialism offered by an insecure government divorced from the establishment principle found in the infallible Word of God.

To finance this pseudo security of socialism an insecure government gains power, security and entitlement for itself through confiscation of wealth by unjust taxation, redistribution of wealth in the name of the greater good for the greater number.

In the process, utopian socialism combines with Marxism to establish economic and political doctrine based on false theories of dialectical materialism and promotion of class warfare. The result is big government which provides pseudo security to the insecure through public lies and false promises. Sugar coated with tricky words of demagoguery which results in destruction of human freedom.

Instead of government being the servant of the people, the entitled insecure people become the slave of big government.

And it’s happening right before our eyes.