Rush Identifies Mother Nature

A week or so ago Rush Limbaugh was commenting on the prevailing story of the day, which was that no one seems to be able to find the oil that has spewed into the Gulf. Ed Overton, a professor of environmental studies at Louisiana State University, had said that, “Mother Nature is doing what she’s supposed to do and we’re losing most of [the oil] to microbial degradation in the ocean.”

Regarding which Rush had this to say:

“The earth, Mother Nature — and to me, by the way, when I say Mother Nature’s taken care of it, who’s Mother Nature? Mother Nature — listen to me on the left, listen to me on the left, Mother Nature, you know who it is? God. You spell it G-o-d. Mother Nature is God. Mother Nature is not a tree trunk. Mother Nature is not some forest somewhere in the Amazon. Mother Nature is the God of the Bible, the God of creation, and the God of creation taking care of all this despite our folly ’cause God loves us.”

Pretty cool.

5 thoughts on “Rush Identifies Mother Nature

  1. Josh

    I have to say, Rush doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about. The oil isn’t just vanishing. I live in Alaska, you can’t see the oil on our waters either, but believe me, I KNOW that oil doesn’t just go away. We STILL have oil from the Exxon Valdez oil spill on our shores, and that was over 20 years ago.

    “In 2001, researchers at the Auke Bay Laboratories, NOAA Fisheries, conducted a survey of the mid-to-upper intertidal in areas of the [Prince William] sound that were heavily or moderately oiled in 1989. Researchers dug over 9,000 pits, at 91 sites, over a 95-day field season. Over half the sites were contaminated with Exxon Valdez oil. Oil was found at different levels of intensity from light sheening; to oil droplets; to heavy oil where the pit would literally fill with oil. They estimated that approximately 16,000 gallons (60,000 liters), of oil remained. The survey also showed a trend of an increasing number of oiled pits as they surveyed lower into the intertidal zone, indicating that there was more oil to be found lower down the beach.”

    That survey was done over 10 years after the spill, and they were digging holes that were literally still filling with old oil. We’re talking an estimated 30 years of recovery, for a spill that was a drop in a bucket compared to the Gulf. Someone should inform Rush that the reason he might not be “seeing” oil is because it is all under the surface and soaked deep into our shores.

    I know that it is much nicer to imagine the planet just magically cleaning up our mistakes, but I’ve seen the truth with my own eyes, and felt the slickness of 20 year old oil coating my fingers.

    1. karenhancock

      Thanks for the comment, Josh. I have to point out though, that it had little to do with my post. First, it wasn’t Rush I cited as saying the oil was vanishing, it was the “news story” of the day, which he was commenting on. Not only were the media everywhere reporting that the oil was not to be found, but I quoted Ed Overton, a professor of environmental studies at Louisiana State University, confirming that was indeed the case. Furthermore, it’s the oil in the open ocean that’s being referred to, which is known to be broken down by bacteria, particularly in the Gulf’s warm waters. Rush himself has pointed out that once the oil reaches land, which would of course be your tidal areas, then it’s a giant mess that takes decades to erradicate because it actually gets into the ground as you are pointing out. Which was why people in the Gulf states were in such a panic to get those booms out to prevent that from happening — while the government and its various bureaucracies dragged its feet trying to decide the best, most efficient, cost-effective way to deal with things.

      And while you may think it’s nicer to imagine the planet is actually at our mercy and will be destroyed without the help of the enlightened few, I prefer not magic, but to rest in the fact that God designed the earth to be far more resilient and impervious to any puny side-effects man can come up with while scrambling about on its face, that He is in complete control and that nothing happens to any of His creation outside of His sovereign will. Eventually it will all be destroyed. But it will be by His hand and in His timing, not ours.


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