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Guest Blogging at Seriously Write

first big roses - web size

First roses of 2013 — they’re huge!

Yes, I’m still here. I do plan to get back to blogging, but first I have to get some kind of traction going with Sky… I’ve been doing pretty good this week…

Anyway, I was contacted by Dawn Kinzer over at Seriously Write Blog around six months ago about doing a post on my journey to publication or maybe offering words of encouragement, and I said yes since the due date was six months off. Surely it wouldn’t be that hard to get something written in six months.


Better not go there.

Anyway, I wrote the post last week and found it to be a particular challenge in that she wanted something that was between 200 and 500 words, and of course I rarely confine myself to something that short. I’m sure at least one of my own posts here falls into that word count, but the vast majority are much longer.

The piece, which I called He Will Bring it to Pass, is 916 words long — slightly over the limit… I did get permission before I left it that long because I think it works best that way… it’s a boiled down story of my 26 year journey to publication. Many of you are probably familiar with the story, but I added a little more than I have in the past…  Anyway it goes up Friday, May 9 (tomorrow, as I write this). So if you want to pop on over and give it a read, maybe check out the site while you’re at it click HERE.

As for that traction on Sky… I’ve actually started making some headway this last week and am hoping to be back blogging  about that very soon…  It all depends on if this new routine/infusion of motivation holds…`

Interview at Cristy Zinn

I don’t know where my head has been the last few days. In the Twilight Zone, I think.

Recently I was contacted by Cristy Zinn, an aspiring writer living in South Africa, who asked if I’d be willing to answer some interview questions for her blog, Cristy Zinn … Writing in Progress. I said yes, went to work on the questions and finally completed them Monday. She immediately posted the Interview, and I immediately fell into a fog of forgetfulness in not making note of it on my blog.

Realizing what I’d done later, I promised myself I’d do it next post. And forgot again.

Well, I was in a crash-stupor from the weekend for the better part of three days, even though I was trying to convince myself that I wasn’t. Nevertheless, with apologies to Cristy for my tardiness, and thanks to her for inviting me to do this, I direct you now to the Interview on Cristy-Zinn… Writing in Progress.  Her questions include a number that are not usual fare in interviews, which made them fun to answer…